Tuesday, December 21, 2010

eating my words

I usually LOVE putting together our family Christmas card and letter, but this year I have been decidedly grouchy about it. Nothing makes me grouchy like having to eat my own words. The thing is, last year our Christmas letter promised a bigger family photo - one with us and our Ethiopian child who surely would be home by then...

I have made a concerted effort not to assign my own time-frame to our process: it will take exactly as long as it takes, God is in control, our son will come home at the perfect time. But last year at this time I just could not fathom a scenario in which our child would not be home by the following Christmas. All I can say is, lesson learned!

All these waiting stages stacked on top of one another have certainly not been easy... but I can also see God's goodness in the midst of it all. He is never late. He never breaks his promises. He loves us and wants to give us good things. Some of the deepest valleys of our journey so far have yielded some of the most amazing blessings, so we will keep walking, keep trusting, keep waiting as long as he wants us to wait. We know how this story ends, and it is beautiful and worth the wait.

Merry Christmas from the Ballasts
Seattle and Addis Ababa
December 2010


  1. This post is adorable. Although, I am so sorry your family has to spend Christmas so far apart. However, I am grateful to have such wonderful company when it comes to "Eating My Words."

    Merry Christmas from the Lemanskis

  2. dang, that's got to be incredibly annoying. I'm so sorry that you're still waiting. I know this comment is incredibly late, but I read this ages ago and was thinking of your family through the holiday - all of you. I hope it was a happy one at your end. xxx

  3. five years I prayed for just one adoptive babe, then finally God gave us a baby...then another...and another..and another...and another. yes, beautifully said, deep valleys often yield amazing blessings! what will Christmas look like in 5 years?