Thursday, October 13, 2011

things i am loving right now

Sequence For Kids -- My awesome in-laws bought this for D's birthday and I am pretty sure we have averaged about 10 games per day since then. It is simple enough for D to play without help, but requires enough strategy that N also enjoys it. (OK, OK, I like it too and may or may not get super competitive while playing against my 4 year old and 6 year old.)

Sistema Lunch Cube -- I picked up this lunch box organizer over the summer in anticipation of N's first year of eating lunch at school, and it rocks. It has space for a sandwich and two snack-size compartments big enough to fit fruit, string cheese, crackers, etc. Packing a whole lunch without a single plastic baggie makes me happy!

Heated Mattress Pad -- There is nothing better on a chilly fall night than crawling into toasty warm flannel sheets! This was a Christmas present from Jon last year and it is probably my favorite gift ever.

This Picture --

This Video -- Z counts to ten! (With a little help encouragement)

Thrifting -- A few other blog friends have inspired me to hit up the thrift store scene and I'm hooked. Today I got N a pair of Keen sandals for $6 and a super cute dress for me for $5, plus a book D loves for $0.65. Can't beat that. Besides the cheapness (which I'm all about), I love not worrying about whether I might be supporting child labor / sweatshops with my purchase.

New-to-me dress

No Diapers --
Completely of his own volition, Z is officially 'tells-me-when-he-needs-to-go-and-doesn't-need-reminders' potty trained! Not having to change dirty diapers more than makes up for the slight inconvenience of having to dash to the potty with Z when we're out and about. (P.S. If I believed in karma this would totally fit, because let me tell you I have put enough blood, sweat, and tears into potty training one of my other kiddos to last a lifetime!)


Leslie Patricelli Books --
I started checking out Patricelli's board books at the library a few months ago and they have quickly become some of my very favorite toddler books. They have simple pictures and few words per page but they almost always make me laugh out loud on first reading. The one we picked up today, called "Happy Baby Sad Baby", had a subtle reference to the snowsuit scene in the classic film "A Christmas Story" that cracked me up. If your life includes humans from the under 5 crowd, these books are a guaranteed hit.

Dukem Market --
I was regularly driving about 30 minutes each way to buy injera and Ethiopian spices until a few weeks ago when a preschool dad (who happens to be Ethiopian) chuckled at me and asked why I don't go to Dukem Market. Huh? Turns out there's an Ethiopian market just a few miles from my house right by just about every other store I ever go to! Perfect for a day like today, when I was out running errands and wondering what to make for dinner -- stopped in for injera, already had ingredients for misr wat at home, super easy and yummy dinner.

Fast Drugs --
Z started tugging on his ear Monday night and woke up Tuesday with a fever. By mid-morning we were seeing the doctor and he got his first dose of antibiotics to treat a mild ear infection a few hours later, all covered by our insurance. If this does not seem amazing to you, count yourself very blessed to be in the vast, vast minority world-wide.

-- My parents are treating their kids, kids' spouses, and grandboys to a week in Maui starting in less than 24 hours! Have I mentioned how much I love them? I mean, like, really, really love them? Can't wait.

I'm loving way more things, but I need to go pack now -- Aloha!


  1. We love the adult version of Sequence! I will definitely have to check out the kids' version when G gets older. Love the dress!
    Have fun in Hawaii!

  2. Love this post! I'm going to check into several of these things... except the flannel sheets and heated mattress pad. I'm cool cotton all the way. :) Have a GREAT time in Hawaii. What a blessing!

  3. I also got a heated mattress pad for Christmas. Nothing like living a rock'n'roll life, huh?? (But I *LOVE* it).

  4. I just came across your blog through a mutual friend (we all went to USC together.) You have a beautiful family and a I love catching up on your story! My son is also adopted. :)