Wednesday, January 20, 2010

two more prayer requests

* We are getting close to being ready to send our completed homestudy and accompanying documents to Homeland Security, but we just found out that our FBI fingerprint background check has not come back yet. This is an essential part of our homestudy paperwork and we can't move forward without it. The FBI confirms that they received our fingerprints 6 weeks ago, but says they need more time to process them. Please pray that this gets done quickly and doesn't hold up our progress!

* The Ministry of Women's Affairs (MOWA) in Ethiopia has been closed for some time now for housekeeping and re-organizing. In order for a parent in Ethiopia to legally relinquish parental rights, MOWA must approve and process the paperwork. While they remain closed, no new children can be made "paper-ready" for adoption (with the exception of full orphans -i.e. both parents are known to be deceased). Please pray that MOWA will open soon, for the benefit of the waiting Ethiopian children as well as the families (like us) who are seeking to adopt them. [To clarify, the government is processing adoptions for children who are already paper-ready, so the MOWA closure may or may not affect our adoption, depending on what our child's paperwork status happens to be.]

This picture has nothing to do with this post... I just think it is sweet.

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