Friday, March 26, 2010

apparently i have nice fingerprints

...or so I'm told. Jon and I went to the Homeland Security office in Tukwila today for our USCIS fingerprint appointment and when I put my finger on the little screen the lady goes, "Ooohh, you have very nice fingerprints!" I did not know there was such a thing, but hey - here's hoping that nice fingerprints get processed faster.

My advice to those who haven't done this yet: bring a book. We had to wait over an hour and the only entertainment is the closed captioning on CNN. Which, incidentally, made me realize why I do not like watching the news: 90% of the words spoken on a newscast are totally meaningless repetitive cliches. As opposed to the stellar quality of TV programs I typically watch... but for some reason I prefer the meaningless cliches of creepy-V-neck-wearing Simon Cowell or stressed-out teenage moms to those of polished news reporters. Go figure.

Anyway... we are officially watching the mailbox for our I-171H and praying that God will show us which child he has for us. Our hope is that there will not be a delay between receiving the I-171H and accepting a referral!


  1. My husband an I are also adopting through YWAM and just finished our final homestudy with Liane. I have been following your blog and am finding your timeline very helpful! We hope to bring home our little girl this year. Just wanted you to know there are strangers out there reading your blog, gaining strength from it, and praying for your family!

  2. That's funny! Our fingerprints only took about an hour total and we spent our time people watching. :) There's a lot of interesting people at Homeland Security.
    Wendy S told me you live near her and were able to get together. That is so neat to live close by like that. Blessings!