Sunday, March 14, 2010

MoWA re-opened!

We got word from Ethiopia yesterday that the Ministry of Women's Affairs in Oromio has finally re-opened! MoWA is the government agency that issues the necessary paperwork for a child to be legally cleared for adoption. The Widow and Orphan homes operated by YWAM have continued to take in children, but have been unable to place many of those children for adoption due to the MoWA closure. Now the way is cleared for these children to be made "paper-ready" for adoption. One of them may be a future Ballast... we'll see! We are especially excited for the families who are all ready to go and have just been waiting for MoWA to open -- can't wait to hear good news of new referrals coming soon.

No new updates on the change to the court procedures... please keep praying. Thank you!

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  1. Hi:

    I just found your blog thru a friend.

    We are in Canada and awaiting a court date but having been waiting for the Oromia region MoWA to start processing documents again.

    We are having a hard time getting info from our agency here in Canada and I was wondering if you can share how you got your information that they are open again. It would just help ease my anxiousness a bit.