Tuesday, June 8, 2010

saving a spot

I'm being followed. Whether the boys and I are piling in the car for preschool or riding bikes to the park or just sitting around the breakfast table together, I can't help picturing a third little boy in the mix. Wherever we go, I picture him with us - where he would be sitting, how he would laugh at Dexter's silly faces, what Nate would want to show him and teach him.

Today the boys and I went to my parents' cabin on Vashon Island [more pictures here]. We left some room for Ballast boy #3... Can't wait to round out these pictures with another sweet son.

P.S. We heard from our placing agency today -- all our paperwork has been translated into Amharic and we are just waiting for the orphanage director to sign one more piece of paper in Addis Ababa before they can petition for our court date. The paper is supposed to be signed later this week, and from then it will take about 2-4 weeks to receive our court date. Please keep praying we will be assigned a date before the closure in August and September!


  1. yep --
    I can see him right there in the middle.
    three boys in a row.
    goodness graces...

  2. Hooray! Another step checked off. You'll get your court date. We're praying for that for you. You might be one of the first to travel under the new requirements. Can't wait to see how that goes! :)