Monday, August 2, 2010

sharing links

Are you following Our Little Tongginator? If you are an adoptive / prospective adoptive parent who is not allergic to wit, honesty, humor, perspective, and exclamation! points! then you should definitely check it out. If nothing else, visit every Sunday afternoon for what TongguMomma calls "Sunday Linkage". Where this woman finds the time to be an amazing mom to her Little Tongginator and scour the web every week for the most thought-provoking and interesting blog posts about adoption... well, it's a mystery to me. I'm sure thankful she does though!


  1. Oh my lands, what a sweet, sweet note. Thank you SO much for your kind words. (And I adore Kristen, too. How she is managing, while living out of a hotel, trying to fix their house and caring for all of her littles... I will never know!)