Saturday, March 19, 2011

beach outing

We haven't been taking Z out of the house a whole lot, but when we woke up this morning and saw the beautiful sunshine we knew it was time to introduce him to one of our favorite family hang-outs: the beach at Nana & Papa's house.

Despite his facial expression in this picture, he really wasn't scared -- in fact I had to stop him from just walking right into the water!

He was welcomed into the rock-throwing club.

N is such a great big brother.

He took a header... and thankfully recovered quickly.

We checked out the scuba divers down the beach.

Daddy went paddle boarding.

Big D being himself.

Uncle T & Daddy on the paddle boards.

Good thing he has excellent balance! Brrrr.


Oh, and remember the hard stuff I wrote about in my last post? Here are two tidbits from today that tell me it's getting better:

1. Z let me rock him all the way to sleep for his nap.

2. Even though I could have transferred him to his crib right away when he fell asleep (once he is out, he is OUT), I didn't want to. I sat in the rocker and stared at his perfectly peaceful face, leaned my cheek on his forehead, felt the warm weight of his little body resting against me... and gave thanks to God for this incredible blessing.

Folks, I think that might even go in the category of 'warm fuzzy'. Hallelujah!