Saturday, March 26, 2011

please pray

Oh man, what a rough few days we have had... On Thursday morning I got Z out of bed and found that the right side of his face was swollen and he was running a fever. We went to the international adoption specialist pediatrician, who sent us over to Children's Hospital, where we have been ever since.

On Thursday afternoon he was admitted to Children's and began receiving IV antibiotics. By Friday the swelling had spread to his neck and up around his eye and only steady doses of T.ylenol and M.otrin would keep his fever at bay. Today not much is different, although thankfully it does not seem to be getting worse.

The doctors do not know what is causing the swelling, and it does not seem to be responding to the antibiotics. They are running a few tests, and plan to do a CT scan in the morning if he doesn't make drastic improvements overnight.

Do I need to tell you how scary and downright awful this has been? Here is a kid who was just on the verge of settling into his new home, beginning to trust the strange pale folks who take care of him, starting to get the hang of his new life, and now he is thrust into this terrifying situation. Oh, my heart is breaking for him.

All I can do is take a deep breath, keep praying, and trust that God will bring us all through this. And when he does, all the glory will be his. This weak servant is resting with all her weight on the only one who saves, who redeems, who sustains and blesses his people as they trust in him. Please pray with us...


  1. Oh, Haley, of course. I can't even begin to imagine how hard this must be. Praying for speedy healing, and for trust and peace. XXXXX

  2. Praying! Praying that the dr. will find out soon what is going on. Praying for Z as he adapts to new people and a new situation at the hospital. Praying that you find rest and peace. Praying!

  3. Praying for you!!! We did that with our youngest. We landed in the US and ended up staying in the childrens hospital in isolation for 12 days. It was scary for us all!! Praying for you!!

  4. I'm thankful I got to read the update to this post before the post itself, but am sorry for the suffering you all have had to do the past 2 days. May you know God's presence deeply...