Monday, April 11, 2011

6 week check-up

Six weeks ago today we stepped off a plane and became a family of five.

If I had given birth six weeks ago, today is the day when I would have gone into the doctor for the postpartum check up. Which means that today is the day when we could resume... ahem, certain activities that would potentially lead to another bundle of joy. So... in adoption terms, does that mean today is the day we can resume activities that would lead to another Ethiopian kiddo??

Just asking...

playing outside today


  1. Oh behave!

    Best. Adoption. Post. Ever.

  2. I WISH "they" thought this way and would let us start for another right now! Policy schmolicy. Boy, it only gets better with each passing day/week. oh my gosh - so in love! glad to see Z is doing better!

  3. If I recall, the doctor emphasizes the importance of birth control for at least three months. I think our social worker requires six...just another case of adoptive families being held to higher standards :-). It's unfair because adoption takes so much longer than pregnancy!

  4. As someone on her second adoption....sometimes you have to ignore what the doctor says. You are too funny, though. Thank you for the laugh first thing in the morning.