Tuesday, July 5, 2011

eye contact & the tickle game

We have been working on eye contact as a way to foster connection and bonding. Z hasn't had any issues with eye contact per se, but the way I see it we have two years of eye contact to catch up on so it's always good to work on it!

Here is a little tickle game we played today that turned out to be a great way to lock eyes with each other. We sat face to face with Z on my lap, then I climbed my fingers up his belly or legs making a little sing-song noise of anticipation. He would watch my fingers, but then I would pause and wait for him to look up at me. When he looked up I would tickle him like crazy and he would giggle and hold the eye contact for several seconds. It was way too much fun for both of us! Enough explaining, see for yourself (ignore the 6 year old reading loudly in the background):

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