Monday, July 11, 2011


Today I sat next to my toddler as he cried and screamed and railed against all the injustices of his little life. I reached out for him, but he wasn't ready. I waited.

Today I sat with my toddler and rocked and cuddled and sang and wiped away the tears. When his dried, mine started as I thanked God for the privilege of holding this precious child, of watching him heal, of shepherding his heart.

Today I read this and wept. I cried and screamed and railed against all the injustices of this world. My preschooler crawled on my lap and wrapped his hands around my neck and we prayed together for Dani and his mama.

Today I picked a bowlful of raspberries and wondered why I am here, where fruit is ripening and falling into my arms, while others weep under trees with barren branches.

Today is a gift from the good Giver - confusing and precious, unjust and beautiful, full of grief and bursting with joy.


  1. I just read that post from 'watershed' today, too. I have no words.

  2. Today I cried while reading your post. Ugh. We can each do so little, but we can do something.

  3. Read your post, then the watershed post on the bus home from work...horrible idea. What to do...My heart is so heavy.