Monday, August 1, 2011

summer tidbits

Z is loving the summertime. In the pool he barely comes up for air and screams like a banshee when it's time to get out. At the beach he throws rocks to his little heart's content and plays for hours with his cousins. Life is good.

Last night he was so proud of himself for getting a big bite of ice cream on his spoon all by himself. He grinned up at me and said, "Mommy, high five! I did it!"

Also overheard at meal time is the boys' current running joke, which involves pretending to burp and then shouting "Pizza!" Z thinks this is the funniest thing he has ever seen or done.

Z saw a bunny in our front yard the other day and hasn't stopped talking about it since. A few times a day he will reminisce about that special moment by telling anyone who will listen: "Bunny! Bunny eating! Bunny eating grass!"

Here, bunny bunny bunny!

Last weekend was the annual Dolphin Point Beach Bash at my parents' cabin -- Z had the time of his life running in the kiddie races, charming the crowd, and eating lots of good food.

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