Friday, August 5, 2011

this week in iphone photos

Since my brain is on summer vacation these days, I am taking a page out of Kristen's book and doing an iPhone photo post. Enjoy!

brother hang-time at the cabin

Uncle Travis is a brave, brave man.

I made shiro wat. And yes, it is supposed to look like cat poo. It tastes good, I swear.

On our way home from a family photo shoot in our traditional Ethiopian gear. More photos to come...

Sportin' some new kicks.

A version of Angry Birds which is slightly less guilt-inducing for Mommy.


  1. Did Z like the shiro wat? Did you have any in Ethiopia? Did yours taste authentic?

  2. Z loves shiro wat, and yes we had lots in Ethiopia, as well as at Ethiopian restaurants here. Mine tasted authentic because I bought the shiro at an Ethiopian store, and shiro wat is basically just shiro, water, onions, garlic and oil, so it is hard to mess up! :)

  3. So cute! Top one is my favourite. Great brother shot!