Wednesday, February 29, 2012

one year home: how we celebrated

Z had a great day yesterday. Even though we didn't do anything too out of the ordinary, he could sense that it was a special day and he was in a good mood nearly all day long. Just for fun, here is a rundown of our day in photos:

7:30 AM - Sleeping soundly.

8:30 AM - Time to wake up, sleepy head!

9:00 AM - Quick photo op before taking N to school.

9:10 AM - Z loves Z bars - perfect breakfast on-the-go.

10:00 AM - Playdate with the coolest great-grandma in town.

12:00 PM - Lunch and play time.

1:00 PM - Read a book before naps.

2:00 PM - (Not pictured: Z banging on walls and singing loudly instead of sleeping, Mommy pulling out her hair and contemplating a mid-afternoon cocktail.)

2:30 PM - Apparently you're just not going to sleep today.

3:00 PM - Maybe you'll nap in the car! No dice, but it worked for D.

4:00 PM - Another photo shoot before the rain shower.

4:30 PM - Daddy's home! Football practice.

5:00 PM - Mama's making dinner. Smells good.

5:30 PM - Watching a slide show and videos from Ethiopia.

5:45 PM - Opening a present... it's a new "Z Book!"*

6:00 PM - Dinner time.

6:30 PM - Scrub a dub.

7:15 PM - Good night.

*Soon after Z got home I made a S.hutterfly photo book that told his life story in simple, age-appropriate terms. The new book is much the same, but includes updated photos of the important people in his life and continues his story up to the present.

**Coming soon: 1 year epic post-placement post!


  1. He looks like he had a great day!!

  2. So, what I am getting from this is that this is just an excuse to make a yummy Ethiopian meal.

    Of course I am kidding. This is a wonderful post about a very special day. I can't believe how much he is maturing and changing. He looks so content and fits in perfectly with his handsome, active big brothers!

    Those photos with the football...his form is perfect....he may lean more toward football than soccer. Only time will tell ;)

    Congrats Ballast family!