Wednesday, April 18, 2012

three and out

Z turned THREE last week!

Angry Birds cupcakes... he pronounces it "Amy Bugs"

Playing with Papa

Shiro and Misr Wat for birthday dinner

The kids randomly decided to put on Halloween costumes

This was Z's last night wearing his 'snowboard' (foot brace to correct his club foot). Now that he is 3, he is done with the brace - yay!


In unrelated news, apparently I stopped blogging here. Truth be told... this is a bit of a farewell post, or at least a "see you later" post. I have been stretching myself creatively on another writing project, and I don't seem to have the motivation or space in my head to keep writing here as well. Plus (for the moment anyway) I don't seem to have much to say. This isn't a traditional family blog, and I don't want to make it one. It's about our adoption journey, and although that journey with Z is a life-long story, I am happy to report that it is actually a pretty boring story right now, in a good way. If you want to keep following our family, you're welcome to do so on f.acebook - just leave me a comment here with your name, along with a solemn vow of non-creepiness and I'll look you up. :) Thanks, and see ya later...


  1. Best.cupcakes.ever!

    I will miss you blogging here :-(

  2. That is so exciting to see how happy Z is! Will definitely miss reading your blog but best of luck with your new writing project.

    Nick and Millie Wiginton

  3. Dude!! How did I miss this? You must have posted it while I was on my temporary break, and so I didn't know you'd up and QUIT on me!

    I'm sorry that you'll no longer be blogging. I know what you mean about the boring-in-a-good-way stuff - I'm so glad to hear that this is what your life has turned into. Excellent news. Please do keep writing here when you have stuff to say, though - I have so much loved getting to know you in blog land. (And by the way, I'm claudia chapman - - on facebook, would be great to see you there!)