Thursday, May 26, 2011


May 24 is a special day in our house. It is the day that best friends said yes to God and each other and became husband and wife. And that same day, 8 years later, we said yes to God and to a beautiful 13 month old boy and signed adoption referral paperwork.

How sweet is this little smile? It became even sweeter to me over the months while we waited, because it turned out to be The Only Smiling Picture we received of him until we met him face-to-face! Even then, it took a pretty major effort to elicit a smile from our little man... but, with lots of help from his nannies, we did it!

To this day it is not easy to get him to smile for pictures, but (as any waiting parent will confirm) a great photo is no substitute for seeing the real thing every day! Thanking God today for that privilege and blessing... and continuing to pray for those who wait.

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