Sunday, May 8, 2011

mama's boys

To all you mamas out there, Happy Mother's Day! I hope you were as spoiled and blessed today as I was by my boys.

It is great fun to have a child who is learning to write. Here are a few words my sweet 5 year old shared with me today:

Today was a lovely day for me... but I can't help thinking about those for whom this is a painful day. Women who pray and long and wait to become mothers. Women who have given birth to children but been unable to mother them. Daughters and sons who have lost their mothers. We can shrug it off and call it a 'hallmark holiday' (which it is), but it doesn't ease the pain for many who feel their losses more keenly on a day like today. If that is you... know that you are in my thoughts and prayers today.


To end this post on a lighter note, check out Z's very first school picture! We attend a once a week Mommy & Me class at the local preschool and even though the kids are only at school about an hour a week they still got to have their pictures taken. I don't know if it is the mini afro (Mama is still figuring out his hair, poor guy) or the retro shirt, but doesn't this look straight out of 1975? I love it!


  1. Happy Mother's Day! They passed out flowers to all the mamas at church today and I totally thought about the ladies who wanted to be mamas but never got to be. Days like this are a hard want to celebrate and rejoice with those who have reason to...but you totally mourn with those who mourn.

    Love the pic. So cute!

  2. Yes! Totally 1975!

    Happy Mothers' day to you. So much tension, but so much reason to celebrate.

  3. Sooo cute!

    Thanks for the thoughtful post on M's day... I hated this day all those years we were trying to start a family unsuccessfully - it was sooo painful, I would usually just skip church.

    Now, whenever I have anything to do with planning a worship service on M's day, I try to limit how much it's focused on that, and definitely try to acknowledge at some point how terribly painful this day can be for many people.

    It drives me crazy when churches have the sermon and everything focused on moms... so not what worship should be about!