Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5 days

...since our fingerprints came back and we still don't have the homestudy in our hands. We are waiting to hear from our agency that it is notarized and ready to be picked up.

The hardest part about international adoption so far has been managing my expectations. Something tells me I might say the same thing a year after placement... :)

**Update: Just got an email, and we can pick up the homestudy anytime tomorrow! It will go straight from my hands into an envelope and then to the UPS store to get sent, along with a few other documents, to Homeland Security. We're excited to keep checking things off the list...


  1. We did the same thing. Straight from the YWAM Office to FedEx on our way to a family gathering. Praying your biometrics are processed quickly! We're just about ready to send off our dossier now. Blessings!