Thursday, February 25, 2010


Our I-600A is on its way! (The I-600A is an application requesting clearance from Homeland Security to adopt internationally.)

I picked up our finalized homestudy this morning, took it straight to the UPS office and sent the I-600A, homestudy, and copies of our birth and marriage certificates to the USCIS office. One morning of "hurry up" and now several more weeks of "wait." In a few weeks we'll receive a fingerprint appointment card, at which point we will make an appointment to get fingerprinted by USCIS, then more waiting until we receive the I-171H which means we are cleared to adopt! Our agency director told me today that it is usually 2-3 months between mailing the I-600A and receiving the I-171H.

Receiving the I-171H is the green light for being matched up with our child, which means that in 2-3 months we may have a face, a name, and a story to connect with the love we already have for our child.