Wednesday, February 3, 2010

left hand, please say hi to my friend right hand

Alright, I know I said I was done complaining (and I am! really!) so please file this in the category of "humorous musing" and not "complaint."

OK, unless I am missing something, this is where things currently stand: We went to the police station in November and got fingerprinted. We sent those fingerprints to the FBI. They were supposed to send them back in a few weeks; we still don't have them. When we get them back, we can send in our homestudy (and a few other documents, including the fingerprints) to Homeland Security. They will send us back... a fingerprint appointment card. We make an appointment with US Immigration to get (you guessed it!) fingerprinted. These fingerprints are sent to... (yes, really) the FBI. Then they send them back to the local office and Homeland Security issues us a clearance to adopt.

Ahhh gotta love it.


  1. It is right to complain about this. IT IS ABSURD. Want to know what's worse? If you haven't gotten your child's visa within 18 months of your visa fingerprints you must be reprinted for the Fed Govt. Now, in IL, DCFS apparently has the ability to resend fingerprints for background checks without reprinting, because fingerprints don't change, yet USCIS doesn't have that ability. It makes no sense.