Friday, May 21, 2010

a little taste

We have been eating like kings and queens lately, thanks to a few of our generous Ethiopian friends.

I have been spending a lot of time with my friend from Nate's preschool, Chereka, along with her daughters and other family members who are always stopping by to visit her. Chereka is simply incapable of seeing me without giving me food to take home: big tupperware containers of wat and stacks of injera... Mmmm! She is also teaching me a few words in Amharic every time we hang out. So far I have the vocabulary of a 12 month old: hello, goodbye, thank you, Mom, Dad, yes, no, and I love you.

Nate and Chereka's daughter Hareg on a school field trip this week

One of my parents' friends, Nibret, is an amazingly talented chef, nutritionist, and cooking instructor (who also happens to be from Ethiopia). Last night she prepared a huge feast for all of us and then we shared the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. She roasted raw coffee beans on the stove, then we all helped grind them with a mortar and pestle, then she used a traditional Ethiopian coffee carafe to brew it. Even my coffee-virgin husband thought it was pretty good! We also had fun watching traditional Ethiopian dances on YouTube. It is amazing how rich and diverse the culture is -- over 80 different tribes and people groups inhabit the country of Ethiopia, each with their own language, traditional dress, music, and customs. Learning and experiencing a small taste of these things makes me so excited for when we finally get to GO!

Nate grinding the roasted coffee beans

Dexter taking a turn

My mom gets in on the action

Thank you Nibret!


  1. Sounds delicious! Where is this wonderful place? Restaurant or friend's house?

  2. Nibret hosted us at the Angle Lake Community Center which has a great kitchen. I think we'll do it again sometime -- I think it would be fun to have you guys & the kids come too! There's lots of room and some of the food was not spicy at all, my kids were pretty good about trying it. :)