Monday, May 17, 2010

ready and waiting

Our dossier arrived in Addis Ababa today. That sentence deserves an exclamation point, but I can't get muster up a whole lot of excitement about it right now. It is exciting, but it feels bittersweet too -- another reminder of how ready we are. Ready ready ready. Yep. Ready, and waiting.

Most of the children in the YWAM Widow & Orphan homes in Ethiopia are also waiting -- waiting on the Ministry of Women's Affairs to re-open so their paperwork can be processed. Very few referrals are possible until the office re-opens, and there's no hard evidence about when that might happen (though we are hoping it will be soon after the big elections in the country on 5/23).

In the meantime at least somebody's excited:


  1. He's so cute; love this photo! We're all so ready. I totally get it. We are praying too that MoWA will soon open. This journey is hard, but someday it will end. Someday the work and our faith will see completion. Until then, dear friend, I will cry with you.

  2. What a great day! It looks like your journey so far has not been easy, but I'm sending prayers your way that the journey is quick and painless from this point on. God can perform miracles!

  3. Your sons are so adorable. I love the rain boots! :)